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'Paint a Recycled Surfboard' workshop

This is a free-flowing activation that caters best for events. This is where participants use SurfPaints to paint on old recycled surfboards, skateboards and fins, Instead of these items ending up in landfill, they get turned into Art. 


We are self-sufficient as we have our own SurfPaints branded gazebo, tables and chairs, and products.


We encourage the event holders to help promote our workshops, so that participants know that they can bring their own items from home to get painted as well


There is no need for water or PPE as this is a safe activity


One board after the event is donated to the organisers to use as they wish. For example, Display them in the office, Other boards will be raffled off to participants on the day.


We also have public liability insurance and a WWC check to ensure I am up to code with all events.


For the participants that want to have some art to take home on the day, SurfPaints will run a small stall with some SurfPaints pens, skateboard decks, and mini wooden surfboards for the public to purchase.

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